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Running During Vacation, 2022, by Chris Troyano

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

Searching for a trail or path to run out of state while on vacation can be a challenge to find or may not be available. Maria & I drove 488 miles to

Greenville, Maine, the southern area of Moosehead Lake, in mid August for 10 days. We stayed in a small rental home, a mile & a half from the downtown business district.

We could not find any trail nearby, even after asking area residents & checking out maps. However, we were told about a 2.1-mile road loop that had easy access. It was a half-mile from Greenville High School. So, we ran to this loop from the high school parking lot, ran the loop twice & back to the lot for at least 5 total miles. This road course was in a residential area with scattered woods sections. It also had some small up & down hill portions.

The course came in handy for the first three of our four run days during our entire visit in Maine. The day before we left Greenville we ran a workout on the high school track, a gravel surface consisting of small stones & pebbles.

Our first mile warm up was mostly on a road with the 2nd warm up mile on the track followed by a four & a half mile workout, including a two-mile cooldown.

If you’ve never run on a gravel track, it’s quite soft, meaning, your shoes can sink down a little during pace work. It was our first track workout in three years so it’s not as if we’re totally used to running on an all weather track but the gravel surface was obviously different for a change of pace (pun intended).

Plus, we welcome running on new & scenic courses in different areas at least several times each year.

Enjoy every run, regardless of the course.

-Chris Troyano

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