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Run with Us

Fast, slow or middle-of-the-pack,
you're always welcome!


Group Runs
& Team Races

You're invited!

We look forward to you joining us

and sharing our mutual passion—running

(or maybe you want to just get moving again).

We have regularly scheduled runs and get-togethers,
and we participate in team races throughout the year.

We'd love for you to be part of our teams!

Every runner counts with us!

Email us (

or join our private group on Facebook

for the most up-to-date information.

Scroll down for more details.

Race for our Team

To Run Races as Part of Our Team

1: Join USATF – NJ

2: Choose Clifton RoadRunners #158 as your Club

Renew your membership for USATF-NJ every year

3: Sign up for USATF-NJ Championship Races:



4: Pre-register for championship races (see the list below) and tell your team captain.

With us, everybody counts!

so please come out and run for the team!

For our club, if you let your captain know in advance, and arrive for the race on time, you WILL be listed on a team for every championship race!

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CRRC Bibs 2020.jpg

Tuesday Night
Track Runs

(building speed!)

Spring, Summer, and Fall

Riverside County Park Track
795 Riverside Ave.
Lyndhurst, NJ


Location varies
(wherever there are lighted tracks)

Runners can join us for speed training, or just to jog around the track if you're not ready to push yourself. There's nothing like group support to help you achieve great new heights! We're all pulling for each other.

Saturday Morning Runs

Branch Brook Park

Cherry Blossom Welcome Center

8:00 a.m.
Park Ave & Lake Street
Newark, NJ

Saddle River County Park

Rochelle Park Area

7:00 a.m.

Railroad Avenue

Rochelle Park, NJ

See our Facebook page for planned dates and times. Group runs vary and are organized by individual groups throughout North Jersey.


Winter Bun Runs

Sundays at

Various Members' Homes


A Sunday bun run is a group run hosted at a member‘s home. We arrive by 8:45 a.m. dressed and ready to run. The host provides a course from 3 to 9 miles. You can choose to go shorter or longer, walk or run.

Runs begin at 9 a.m.

After the run, we change into dry clothes and the host provides breakfast. The cost is only $3.00 to help the host defray costs.

We host bun runs throughout the winter months to help members keep up with their running, to mingle, and to bond with new and old friends.

This is a great way to meet the gang in a very informal, friendly, fun atmosphere.

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