Answers to Your Questions

How much does membership cost?

Because the Clifton RoadRunners value a family atmosphere, membership for an entire family is only $25. (Compare that to any club in the state!). If there is only one of you, it will only cost you $20 to become part of our family.


Go to our Membership page to sign  up.

Do I have to run team races?

Unlike many clubs in the state, we don't have a requirement for any runner to take part in team races. That being said, there is a lot of energy, excitement, and camaraderie among our team members at these races. You really do feel part of a community when you take part in these team events.

How is running a 'team' sport?

That's a good question! You're a bright person! (We've all asked that at one point).


Each year there are between 12 and 20 races throughout the state that are deemed "team championships" by the USA Track and Field Association (USATF). 


In those events, our captains make "teams" of three-to-five (or more; it's complicated) runners. After the race, each of the runners' times are added together, and the team with the quickest combined time finishes, first, second, third, etc. The more teams we field, the more "points" we get. At the end of the season, our team may win awards for how well we do.

The Clifton Road Runners have finished first, second or third in the state each of the last 10 years, mostly because of how many dedicated runners we have, not necessarily because we have the fastest ones. So, please join us. All OUR runners count!

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But I'm not that fast

Fast is nice, but, not a lot of us are that fast. For us, every team member counts, and that makes all the difference! If we have one team of four fast runners in one age group, for example, they will get zero points for our club, The fifth runner, no matter if they finish first or last, is required to make up that team, and it could be YOU that makes that difference.

(*By the way, you’re not as slow as you think, and we will help you grow proud of what you can accomplish.)

But I'm not that competitive

You don't have to be. Part of the fun of running team races is just to support the team. You run as fast as you can just to know that you're helping each other. And it's a great experience, when you're wearing that purple shirt on the course, to hear other teammates shouting out to you, "Go Clifton!" 


For us, every team member counts, and that makes all the difference!

But I am fast

Fast is nice, and many of our runners share your speediness! Several of our age groups have made it to the National Championships, and our 70- and 80-year-old men are USATF National Champions! Our 50's women's team has garnered multiple state championships the past few years, too!


You'd be joining an elite group that pushes each other to be the very best they can be!

Who are you people?

The Clifton Roadrunners Running Club is a nonprofit organization devoted to sharing the benefits of running and health and companionship among fellow runners, regardless of age, gender, race, creed or sexual orientation. Among its goals are recognizing and supporting teammates in their health and athletic goals.

How do I do this 'team' thing?

Our team captains will make it clear to you, but it's pretty simple:

1.   Sign up for our club HERE

2.   Sign up for the USATF HERE

3.   On your USATF membership, choose club #158 Clifton Roadrunners as your team

4.   For a championship race, let your captain know you're running.

5.   Show up for the race (be there an hour before the start to make life easy for yourself and the captain)

6.   Run

Have any discounts?

Yes, we do. Among our perks is a discount sitewide at RunningWarehouse.com (contact Ben Teixeira for details), and discounts with our fine certified coaches if you really want to excel!

How do I keep in contact?

We are working to improve our lines of communication all the time! (like this website, brand new for 2020: be patient, we're still in development).

You can reach us at 



or on

our safe, private Facebook group

Then you can get on our email list

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Or feel free to stop by one of our    Club Runs!

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