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Doing Running Right: Base Training Explained

By Carlos Nunes

BASE TRAINING Explained - Base training or building volume , is a great way to get your body used to the demands of running longer distances by improving muscular endurance , it prepares of training… ie race preparation, when you will be able to add the speed work you need to get those PB’s.

ANALOGY: imagine you want to bake the best cake . Base training is like making the best sponge cake possible, seep work is the icing on the cake , to much icing will spoil it , not enough and it’s not to so tasty, but I. Right balance you have a delicious cake!

SO, WHY DOES IT HELP! - by keeping your heart rate relatively low for a long period of time, you’ll train , you will train your body to process oxygen more and metabolize for fuel ( rather than quick- burning carbohydrates).

WHEN TO USE IT ? - base training is used at the start of the training block. Ideally this base period will be 8 weeks long , but up to 12 weeks is ok , for experienced runners would be 6 weeks.

WHAT PACE ? -you might be surprised at how slow you actually need to run to avoid going anaerobic, but it’s worth it to slow down ,even if it means walking to stay aerobic zone . At an aerobic pace , you should be able to hold a conversation while running. Or in terms of heart rate use MAF method (180-age). Or if you know your maximum HR you can use IMAT (Max HR -40)to work out your maximum heart rate

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