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View from a Short Perspective: December 2019

By Bill Indek

You might be a redneck if you are late to work because you were watching a tv police pursuit.

How does the Vatican pay bills? They use Papal.

Saw a picture taken of a possum taking ticks off a deer in the woods- really! An example of being positively ticked off.

Tesla has announced that it will be sending a rocket to the moon soon- really. My question- where will they find an extension cord that long? Just saying.

Under the category of- Be Careful What You Say- stopped at a local trendy coffee shop and was reading the wide variety of coffee and espresso drinks when the counter lady said-“ If you have any questions, ask me”. So, not being one to leave a great opening line unused I responded “OK, WHAT IS THE CAPITAL OF BULGARIA?” She was stunned and admitted that it was a great comeback. The answer was Sofia- which I actually knew.

Looking ahead to the future- when Trump is done with being the Prez- instead of having the traditional Presidential Library created with his name- plans are underway for a Hall of Tweets.

During the summer a group of my fraternity brothers from the years 1965-73 had our semi-annual get together up at Syracuse. Besides eating and retelling stories- we went downtown to visit the Erie Canal Museum. When signing in- they ask” what brought you here”- meaning tourist, education, etc. So being me- I wrote” my Honda”. A month later I was back at Syracuse for Alumni Weekend and I took one of my frat brothers, who is a history professor in Ohio, to the museum as he had missed our summer journey there. Upon signing in, I repeated the same entry. The Museum Curator looked at it and said ”you have been here before”. So, I guess you can call it my….. signature moment.

In Montclair, NJ - a town near where I live- they have renamed an elementary school in honor of former resident Buzz Aldrin who was a famous astronaut along for the historic ride with Neil Armstrong. Rumor has it that some students are planning to have a mass mooning in his honor. I wonder who was “behind” this idea.

I attended a night of remembrance for one for one of my former students- Class of 1986 at Glen Ridge H.S. – who had recently passed from a stroke. Very sobering but uplifting as many former classmates came to console the surviving siblings- who were also my former students.

In world of yoga- the teacher started the class by talking about the importance of mindfulness while doing yoga. After her statement, I asked her to repeat it as I was not paying attention.

After those 2 jets crashed, the Boeing Corporation has fired one of its Executives. Guess you can say he was…..jettisoned.

Sports of Sorts

National Masters News has published the national rankings for runners in track per age group for the Outdoor 2019 season. While I did not have a great season-time wise- was ranked 106thin the Nation for 70-74 year old dudes in the 50 meter dash. While in the 100 meters logged in at 141st- and yes- there were guys even slower!!!

Ran/walked/jogged a 5 kilometer run at the NJ Education Convention in Atlantic City- this was the 36thtime that I have done it. But , wow as I am now a track sprinter it seemed like a marathon. Ironic- as back in the 1970’s when I was a “yute” I actually ran a number of marathons- NY -9x, Boston- 3x, etc.

Oh, I was way back near the end of the pack- but- since there were only 3 70 year olds- I got 3rdplace mug. This was one of the occasions where- I was not thrilled with my time-but- like the NY Lottery- you cannot win it if you are not in it.

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