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Running during Vacation Time, August 2020

by Chris Troyano

Even while we runners take some vacation time from home, that usually does not mean no running, too. With the current health crisis, Maria & I decided to trek up to the Adirondacks in New York State to spend a week without quarantine conditions.

We stayed in a condo rental in North Creek, near Gore Mountain. About a mile away & part of this mountain is a Ski Bowl Trail, listed @ 2.3 kilometers, close to one & a half miles.

Maria found the Ski Bowl Trail via the internet when she searched for places to run. We ran on this trail just 5 times on three run days & we also ran on a nearby walking trail plus other areas near Gore Mountain for a total of just 13 miles. Ok, we also hiked maybe 4-5 miles on easy hiking trails on our non run days.

Ski Bowl presented some challenges. The first .37 mile was mostly a gradual uphill with the trail sometimes going across the mountain. Next, came a woods section with numerous ups & downs plus lots of above ground roots. There was a scenic overlook view of some distant mountains. I always carried a small pocket size camera in a carrying case to record photos of us, the scenery plus wildlife, such as a small snake. The final section of this trail was downhill, took us to a sandy road.

During our Ski Bowl Trail runs we did not see other runners nor any cyclists. In Maria’s car we kept Powerade & water bottles in a cooler that we could drink in between laps.

A new running course is always welcome by us, an opportunity for different sights & new challenges. We enjoy nature trails, especially with mountain/water views & find it fun to run in other states for a change of pace.

Have fun on your runs!


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