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Doing Running Right: Discipline and Motivation

By Carlos Nunes

Our good example should be our friend Ben Teixeira

Discipline is “What to Do” Then there’s self-discipline. Self-discipline is the ability to correct your behavior (Self-discipline is simply correcting or regulating your behavior for the sake of improvement. Will is based on thinking and reason to create action – motivation is more from emotion.) It helps you get back on your course when you fall off your path. It helps you do the right thing in the moment for your long-term benefit, when you may want to do something else.

According to Stephen Covey, “Only the disciplined are truly free. The undisciplined are slaves to moods, appetites, and passions.” Self-discipline is a muscle that gets stronger the more you flex it.

Motivation and Discipline Work Hand in Hand Motivation and self-discipline work hand in hand. Motivation can be your initial inspiration. When you lose your initial inspiration, self-discipline can help keep you going. To commit to self-discipline, it’s your initial motivation that says it’s worth it. I think you find your motivations when you ask questions such as “What do you want to do?” and “What do you want to avoid?” and “Why do you want to do that?” I think you encourage discipline when you yourself “What’s the best thing for you to do?”

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