Copy of View from a Short Perspective: September 2020

by Bill Indek

You might be a redneck if anyone attempts to use your bathroom and immediately decides to “just hold it.”

As if things were not weird enough with pandemic stuff, riots, removal of statues. it turns out that a homeless guy has taken up residence in Washington Square Park in NYC—really. He has a bed, table, etc and Police had once removed him but are now letting him stay. Here is the kicker—he says that he is…Jesus Christ, The Savior. Hmm—I am not so sure about that as he does not look Jewish. And another reason for my skepticism is that he is offering pictures of himself with the tourist at a rate of $20.00 and the picture will be in a frame with the following on it— “JC and “Disciple “ at the Next to Last Lunch “. Another way to test his authenticity—I am going to bring him a broken chair and see if he can fix it—after all,JC was a carpenter. But — I will keep an open mind.if he can heal the sick,then I will vote for him. Yes, I know you can’t vote for him, but it does sound better.

And, you still might be a redneck if all of your babysitters experience PTSD.

Stopped in a coffee shop recently and the server asked “how would you like your coffee?” Me: “probably in a cup.” Pause and then laughter.

Recently read that almost 1 million stimulus checks were sent to people who were deceased. Hmm, this seems to be an argument against that cliché that says, “You cannot take it with you.”

Cute bumper sticker: Save the whales. Collect the whole set.

Over the past two weeks or so there have been a number of cities that have removed statues of individuals who are now deemed morally wrong for their former actions day. Well it turns out that this action has sparked a backlash of sorts. The pigeons of America have formed a Protest Movement called ----POPS: Pigeons Obligated to Poop on Statues. In their mission statement they are apolitical as they will—well—you know what—on any statue—regardless of historical significance. A spokesman for a statue-removal organization said the pigeons are full of it. A spokesbird for POPS responded, "That is exactly why we want the statues put back.” Rumor has it that POPS is hiring a celebrity spokesman, Larry Bird.

OK — here is a case of Life Imitating TV: I was at a local Hot Dog place recently and 2 EMT Guys were ordering a bunch of hotdogs for themselves and buddies. After the lead guy paid—it was around $17.00 — he realized that he did not have enough cash left over after tipping. So he reached back in to the tip jar and took out $1.00 to cover his bill total. The crowd—of 3 others — we’re all older guys and we said in unison—this is a George Costanza moment (From a Seinfeld episode where George did that). Very cool!

A local family owed restaurant—Six Brothers in Little Falls— just closed. Does that mean they are now orphans?

The CEO of Bumble Bee Foods has been indicted and jailed for price fixing cans of Tuna Fish. Guess you can say he was stung by his own greed.

Sobering conversation. Met a current student/member of the GRHS Track Team—where I volunteer coach—in the supermarket with her mom. After the usual pleasantries, the mom said that she had to be careful not to bring any virus home as her elderly mom lived with them. She then added that people in her age group are at risk. So I asked, “How old is she?” Mom—“71.” I blinked, and she asked me, “Why?” I then said that I am 73! Sobering.

Do you realize that prison is actually a…gated community. Just saying.

OK, FB Buddies—here come another Indek anecdote. With the pandemic standard of maintaining the six-foot separation—one group has come forward indicating that they cannot abide by this—a spokesman for Amoeba Lives Matter says that they cannot physically comply due to being.... well they are amoebas.

Feel-good moment—recently I was running on a nature trail and as I came around a corner—a young woman and her 2 sons were walking my way. As I looked, I realized that the Mom was a former student of mine at GRHS. I stopped and said” is your name Jennifer?” She stopped and in a stunned look, said, “Oh my. Mr. Indek.” She then turned to her 2 sons, ages 10 and 7 and said, “This is Mr. Indek. He is a legend as a guidance counselor and coach.” She was in the class of 1991 so she now is 47. Her boys were impressed.

Sports of Sorts

No races — so no results. Went to a minor league game nearby, where the stadium usually has 1000 plus people. The night we were there — about 100. Game lost some of its oomph with a small crowd, but still fun to watch. Playing Sunday AM softball games in my league. Great to have some normalcy.


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