Good Day All,

Welcome To Your Friendly Neighborhood Webmaster’s Automated Race Results.
A simple PHP webscript was created and somewhat tested in 2011 by your Webmaster to impress Ben T.

The program is rather simple:

I receive the club roster and use it for input to my program. The program maintains a list of races scored by Compuscore And BestRacing. Whenever a new race is scored from Compuscore And BestRacing and put online, the program automatically add the race to my race list. Every Sunday night (most weeks) I select all the new races for the week and do work. When a race on the race list is selected, the program will browse the race results and compare all the names to the names from the club roster. When there is a match, the program prints out only the club members name. I then save the results in a PDF and upload it to the website.

Possible reasons your results did not show up:

You are a new member and I did not update my roster yet.
You ran a race scored by a company other than BestRacing or Compuscore.
You spelled your name wrong on the race application or differently than it shows up on the club roster.

If any of these occur, you wont show up on my automated results.

Competed in a Compuscore or Best Racing race and didn’t make the race results?
Just drop me an email and I’ll try and get back to it soon, probably by next Sunday.

Compuscore and Bestracing are awesome.
Go to: http://www.compuscore.com/ Or http://www.bestrace.com/ For Full Results.