Clifton Road Runners who have achieved a PLP of 80 or better in a race.

What is PLP? OR Performance Level Percentage

Basically, Age-Graded Scoring allows all individuals within a race to be “scored” against each other. That is done by first comparing the individual’s finish time at that particular race distance to an “ideal” or best time (not necessarily the “world record”) achievable for that individual’s age and gender. Age-Graded Scoring utilizes statistical tables to compare the performances of individual athletes at different distances, between different events, or against other athletes of either gender and/or of any age.

100% = Approximate World Record Level

90-99% = World Class

80-89% = National Class

70-79% = Regional Class

60-69% = Local Class


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Hall of Fame:

Hortencia Aliaga

Rodrigo Caceres

Sergio Cano

Laura Delea

Shannon McGinn

Nick Joannidis

Suzanne La Burt

Antoinette Marmora

Kerry Monahan

Peggy Richko

Ben Teixeira

Edgardo Villagomez

Jose Arturo Vallejo